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Concept of the day
Readily reacting to people or events.

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Apr 20 2007: responsive - Readily reacting to people or events.
Dec 07 2006: quiddity -
Nov 29 2006: hebetude - Mental lethargy or dullness.
Nov 27 2006: granular - Having a granular structure like that of chondrites
Nov 24 2006: biochemical - Of or relating to biochemistry; involving chemical processes in living organisms
Nov 21 2006: propitiate - Make peace with; to conciliate.
Nov 20 2006: apogee - A final climactic stage; the highest point.
Nov 17 2006: freeze - To turn from a liquid to a solid by loss of heat.
Nov 16 2006: frivolous - Not serious in content or attitude or behavior
Nov 15 2006: vivid - Having striking or intense color.
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Concept of the day
Readily reacting to people or events.

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