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Frequently asked questions

1. What is Wikiwords?

Wikiwords is a collaborative project that seeks to create a "world's dictionary" of all terms in all languages. Terms are grouped by concept, with definitions, translations and example sentences contributed by wikiwords collaborators.

2. Who can contribute to Wikiwords?

Anyone. We invite individual translators, linguists, language enthusiasts-- any at all with a passion for words--to help us build the shared lexicon.

3. How can I contribute?

First, register. Then, add definitions, example sentences or translations for existing terms by typing them into open form fields.

If you like, you can also enter new terms, optionally in "collections" that you create. Read more about that here.

4. How can I be involved in the project?

We are calling for linguists, project managers, developers, designers and others who wish to be involved. To express interest, contact colin at ProZ.com.

4. How is quality controlled?

Quality will be controlled through collaboration. We plan to implement a tiered approach whereby confidence in a term is boosting through validation. For now, all terms are considered to be at the lowest quality level.

5. How many terms are listed so far?

Statistics are available here.

6. Who owns the content?

Content is subject to certain copyrights. See: Wikiwords copyrights

7. Can I configure Wikiwords to show only the languages I speak?

Yes. Use the "my settings" page to select your preferred languages.

8. Who is behind Wikiwords?

Wikiwords content is contributed by volunteers. The cost of developing and maintaining the site has so far been paid by ProZ.com. ProZ.com is home to the world's largest community of professional translators.

10. Is wikiwords looking for institutional, corporate or other partners?

Yes. Please use this form to express interest.

11. I imported one or more personal glossaries, how come I don't have any Wikiwords points?

Wikiwords points are only awarded to content directly entered into the system.

12. Will Wikiwords ever start to show advertisements?

In the future Wikiwords may begin to show a form of advertising, such as Google AdSense.

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