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Dutch: Cooking / Culinary

Term/concept Contributor
grootkeukens Cooking / Culinary MoiraB 
(koffie)pad Cooking / Culinary Anneken 
zure Cooking / Culinary Francesca Sfondrini 
filodeeg Filodeeg KudoZ 
fabriek Cooking / Culinary Annette van der Lei 
tongmaatjes Cooking / Culinary duquesne 
visfumet A concentrated fish stock milkway 
gekonfijte yammen Cooking / Culinary xxxAnneke Panel 
mag worden ingevroren Cooking / Culinary virg 
dubbel gebrand (of coffee) Roasted 15-18 minutes to fully develop the flavors. Shayna Barby 
kalfssukade Cooking / Culinary ahartje 
Kool Any of various types of cabbage KudoZ 
poffertje Cooking / Culinary xxxEdda Emery 
se suelte Cooking / Culinary Annette van der Lei 
Gastronomisch eten Cooking / Culinary Adam Smith 
(gestoomde) loempia Cooking / Culinary vixen 
zwarte bes Small black berries used in jams and jellies KudoZ 
kumquat Small oval citrus fruit with thin sweet rind and very acid pulp KudoZ 
proeverij Cooking / Culinary Simo Blom 
groente bouillon Cooking / Culinary Csaba Ban 

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