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Urdu: Pedagogy = Education

Term/concept Contributor
متفرق Consisting of or formed of various kinds;varied; mixed Laurens Landkroon 
ہمیشہ؛ ہر وقت؛ دائماً ٓAt all times; on all occasions; invariably Laurens Landkroon 
مشکل؛ دشوار Involving trouble or requiring extra effort skill or thought Laurens Landkroon 
جلدی؛ قبل از وقت؛ سویرے Near the beginning of a given period of time; before the expected time; in Laurens Landkroon 
اکثر At frequent or brief intervals Laurens Landkroon 
تاخیر سے؛ بعد از وقت Happening coming etc. after the usual proper or expected time. Laurens Landkroon 
بلند اونچی آواز سے Striking with force on organs of hearing Laurens Landkroon 
صاف؛ ظاہر؛ واضح Lying open; Easy to see or understand Laurens Landkroon 
اکثر Many times; repeatedly Laurens Landkroon 

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