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Lithuanian: Medical

Term/concept Contributor
ausis Girdėjimo ir pusiausvyros organas. Odette Grille 
kraujo depas Medical: Cardiology Rasa Racevičiūtė 
subjektas Medical (general) novosibirskas 
absoliuti iskaita Sports / Fitness / Recreation Ugne Vitkute 
Viltis Sports / Fitness / Recreation
ligandai, adendai Medical: Pharmaceuticals Džiuginta Spalbar 
kompleksonai Medical: Pharmaceuticals Džiuginta Spalbar 
prataka Medical: Pharmaceuticals Zivile Otten 
danties vidaus pertvara Medical: Pharmaceuticals Zivile Otten 
pirmine hemostaze Medical: Pharmaceuticals len4ik 
graduotas Medical: Pharmaceuticals len4ik 
stentas Medical: Pharmaceuticals gamabriel 
Falo tetralogija [tetrada] Medical: Instruments Erika Dobbs 
Bankart operacija Medical (general) Džiuginta Spalbar 
tiomersalis Medical: Pharmaceuticals balticvip 
ankstenio (here) Medical: Pharmaceuticals Gloria Pérez 
kreipiantysis apvalkalas Medical: Instruments Džiuginta Spalbar 
prostaglandinas Potent hormone-like substance found in many bodily tissues (and especially KudoZ 
alginatiniai atspaudai Dentistry = Medical: Dentistry Gineita 
Holterio kardiograma A temporarily attached EKG that records the heart’s electrical activity as xxxmac9lxx 

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Health Care = Med: HC
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Medical: Cardiology
Medical: Instruments
Medical: Pharmaceuticals
Sports / Fitness / Recreation

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