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Latvian: Medical

Term/concept Contributor
epiddarbs Health Care = Med: HC zigurdsg 
stents Medical: Pharmaceuticals Ines Burrell 
EKG pieraksts/apraksts Medical: Cardiology zigurdsg 
neiromediators Medical: Pharmaceuticals Ines Burrell 
progresa/attistibas/panakumu diagramma Sports / Fitness / Recreation Doroteja 
Transmembranu matricu proteins Health Care = Med: HC Klavs Kalnacs 
riikles mutes dalja Health Care = Med: HC Klavs Kalnacs 
mijiedarbiba Health Care = Med: HC Klavs Kalnacs 
Parenterali ievadamas antibiotikas Health Care = Med: HC Klavs Kalnacs 
pasuga Health Care = Med: HC Klavs Kalnacs 
grupa, komisija Health Care = Med: HC Vents Villers 
sviedrene Medical: Pharmaceuticals Doroteja 
Sirds minūtes tilpums Medical: Instruments Inguna Hausmane 
Biopsijas spailes Medical: Instruments janis_berzins 
asins glikozes elektrodi Medical: Instruments repro59 
razotaja ieprogrammetie parametri Medical: Pharmaceuticals repro59 
matainaa shuuna Medical (general) balticvip 
manupraat taa Medical: Pharmaceuticals Austra Muizniece 
Antagonisms pret receptoriem Medical: Pharmaceuticals Austra Muizniece 
otolaringologs, otorinolaringologs Health Care = Med: HC Jana Teteris 

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