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Hindi: Medical

Term/concept Contributor
Antrashoth Medical (general) ramasus 
Vrashan or Andkosh Medical (general) Shruti Nagar 
अमृत तुल्य Medical (general) Vivek Raj 
Vardhi AwasthA/Nishkriya/Behosh Health Care = Med: HC
mootrashay kshetra Medical: Pharmaceuticals Crystal Hues Limited 
रेशेदार ऊतक Health Care = Med: HC
fit Medical (general) Karelle Gilbert 
Rasayanik sankshipt seva Chemistry; Chem Sci/EngMedical (general) Vivek Raj 
shyanata Medical (general) Vivek Raj 
sambhaavit swasthya prabhaav Medical (general) Vivek Raj 
rakta -vAhiniya Medical (general) SURENDRA BABU G 
rakt-sancharaN Medical (general) SURENDRA BABU G 
SwAsthyavardhak KArya/SwAsthyaprad KArya Health Care = Med: HC
Achilles Nus/Pindika Kandra A large tendon that runs from the heel to the calf KudoZ 
Soozaak A common venereal disease caused by the bacterium Neisseria gonorrhoeae; s KudoZ 
sanjeen Medical (general) Rishi Miranhshah 
GuNSootra Medical (general) Harinder Dhillon 
Naabhikiya Chikitsaa Medical (general) Harinder Dhillon 
Bhavuk emotional Harinder Dhillon 
AnupareekshaN/Anupareekshaa/Punah Pareekshaa Health Care = Med: HC Deependra Pandey 

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