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Greek: Medical

Term/concept Contributor
iv Medical (general) Alessio Nunziato 
Καταβρέχω, ψεκάζω, αρδεύω, Supply with a constant flow or sprinkling of some liquid, for the purpose o
RPMI Medical: Pharmaceuticals Assimina Vavoula 
TRITON Health Care = Med: HC Assimina Vavoula 
Tween 80 Medical: Pharmaceuticals Assimina Vavoula 
êáìðåóôåñüëç Medical: Pharmaceuticals vanessak 
aimatokritis Medical (general)
κλάσμα εξωθήσεως Medical: Cardiology Franz Holzer 
ĺđßčĺěá Ţ ěáîéëÜńé Medical (general) Ryszard Matuszewski 
MUPS Medical: Pharmaceuticals SGOUZA 
------------------- Medical: Instruments maria sgourou 
agabi mou Health Care = Med: HC
Radiumhemmet Medical (general) Eftychia Stamatopoulou 
ισοφαρίζω Πετυχαίνω το ίδιο αποτέλεσμα με τον αντίπαλό μου σε ένα παιχνίδι.
αγορά στόχος Medical: Pharmaceuticals Assimina Vavoula 
δέχομαι Medical: Pharmaceuticals Assimina Vavoula 
εκλιπών / αείμνηστος Medical (general) Manolis Dardoufas 
ιδεακή πρακτική Medical (general) Isodynamia 
ολιγοϋπνία Medical (general) Isodynamia 
πολυεμφρακτικού τύπου άνοια Health Care = Med: HC Nektaria Notaridou 

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