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100% e imja je & e din ti You are all mine and you know it / You are 100% mine and you know it (English) Monika Coulson 
A booster seat is a safety restraint for a child in your driving. Ndenj�sja p�rforcuese �sht� nj� mjet sigurimi p�r f�mij�n gjat� udh�timit me makin�. (Albanian) Monika Coulson 
a measuring rod, benchmark shkop mat�s, standard gjykimi (Albanian) Monika Coulson 
abhor Krup�, neveris, urrej, ndot (English) Monika Coulson 
after and further education Pedagogy = Education Monika Coulson 
ambrozia (classical mythology) the food and drink of the gods; mortals who ate it b...
and e, dhe, edhe (Albanian) Monika Coulson 
Are there any Albanian words with more than 3 constants in a row? zmbrapsje, shndrydh (English) Monika Coulson 
Arritja m� e madhe magnum opus, the greatest achievement (English) Monika Coulson 
Atesia, Memesia, Lidhja me k. familjarin, Nepunesi Paternity, Maternity, Relationship with the head of the household, The employee of the Civil Status Office (English) Monika Coulson 
bazat e MPP Monika Coulson 
behu arrived unexpectedly, popped in (English) Monika Coulson 
billion / one billion miliard / nj� miliard (Albanian) Monika Coulson 
Brainwashed I ka hedhur trut� e gomarit (Albanian) Monika Coulson 
breathe Marr frym� (first person) (Albanian) Monika Coulson 
brejtje e ndergjegje Remorse, regret, penitence, contrition, compunction, pangs of conscience, pangs, pang (English) Monika Coulson 
Call a strike Monika Coulson 

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