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Back cover page Monica Colangelo 
Being desperate and living uniquely for the Gospel Una entrega sin límites: la vida consagrada al Evangelio (Spanish) Monica Colangelo 
Blythesome Alegre (Spanish) Monica Colangelo 
briefly (apenas) unos segundos (Spanish) Monica Colangelo 
buscando looking for / searching (for) (English) Monica Colangelo 
but only on the understanding that BAJO LA PREMISA DE QUE (Spanish) Monica Colangelo 
but the social strength they derive sino el apoyo que reciben (Spanish) Monica Colangelo 
caderas que ya no se miden (poesa) hips that no longer study each other (English) Monica Colangelo 
catching your child in the act sorprender a su hijo en el momento de hacer sus necesidades en los paales (Spanish) Monica Colangelo 
cavalcade A procession of people traveling on horseback
ceci ne c`est pas une Esta no es una... (Spanish) Monica Colangelo 
ciucios Geese (English) Monica Colangelo 
Claudius has summoned Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, two boyhood friends of Hamle Claudius ha convocado (llamado) a Rosencrantz y Guildenstern, dos amigos de Hamlet de la infancia (Spanish) Monica Colangelo 
como 'mancha de aceite' Spreading / expanding (English) Monica Colangelo 
conchero Person who gathers shells (English) Monica Colangelo 
Constellate (vb.) Monica Colangelo 
derrotar al/el terrorismo Monica Colangelo 
Disenfranchised and driven from their former homes,they still work Despojados y desterrados de los lugares que habitaban, continúan sin embargo trabajando (Spanish) Monica Colangelo 
Edgar must complete all homework assignments and follow school rules regularly Edgar debe realizar sus tareas y cumplir con los Reglamentos del Colegio siempre (Spanish) Monica Colangelo 
El entreg la presidencia ... He handed over presidency... (English) Monica Colangelo 

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