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arc blast  Glossary-building KudoZ 
The explosive result of an arcing fault. As current begins passing through ionized air, large volumes of ionized gases, along with metal from the vaporized conductors, are rapidly expelled, creating such hazards as intense heat, thermoacoustic shock wave, molten metal, shrapnel, blinding light, toxic smoke and contact with energized components.  Glossary-building KudoZ 
"The arc blast will likely vaporize all solid copper conductors which will expand up to 67,000 times its original volume when it is vaporized. The result of this violent event is usually destruction of the equipment involved, fire, and severe injury or death to any nearby people."  Glossary-building KudoZ 

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obloukový výboj   1 validation  Glossary-building KudoZ 
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