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Phrasal Verbs in Portuguese
Tradução de 'phrasal verbs' ingleses em português
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paulagoes (17130 pts)

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Term/concept Concept submitter
ask out Linguistics paulagoes 
Back up Linguistics paulagoes 
back up (sth) or back (sth) up Linguistics paulagoes 
back up sb or back sb up Linguistics paulagoes 
back up sth or back sth up Linguistics paulagoes 
blow out Linguistics paulagoes 
break off Linguistics paulagoes 
break up Linguistics paulagoes 
bring in sth or bring sth in Linguistics paulagoes 
calm down (sb) or calm (sb) down Linguistics paulagoes 
drop out Give up in the face of defeat of lacking hope; admit defeat
get out Linguistics paulagoes 
give (sth) up Linguistics paulagoes 
give yourself over/up to sth Linguistics paulagoes 
go up Be erected, built, or constructed
go up to suddenly explode paulagoes 
go up (British, formal) to begin studying at a university, especially Oxford or C paulagoes 
go up if a building or sign goes up, it is built or it is fixed into position paulagoes 
go up to sth alcançar (Portuguese), abranger (Portuguese) paulagoes 
grow up Become an adult

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