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Italian: Food & Dairy

Term/concept Contributor
arrostito (of meat) cooked by dry heat in an oven KudoZ 
polpettina di lenticchie Food & DairyGastronomy = Cooking / Culinary mouaryl 
pastorizzato Sottoposto a pastorizzazione.
stabilità Food & Dairy simona dachille 
sughi di verdura Food & Dairy Ettore Peyrot 
filiera corta Food & Dairy paolamonaco 
salsa di soia Thin sauce made of fermented soy beans
siero di fagioli Food & Dairy Verdiana Votta 
cuore di lattuga Food & Dairy Simo Blom 
spaghetti di soia Food & Dairy Simo Blom 
zenzero sciroppato/zenzero candito Food & Dairy Simo Blom 
cavolo rapa Plant cultivated for its enlarged fleshy turnip-shaped edible stem KudoZ 
congelare Preserve by refrigeration at below freezing-point. xxxSandraTrad 
sentore di telo Food & Dairy paolamonaco 
gratinato Cooked while covered with browned breadcrumbs (and sometimes cheese) KudoZ 
farina di segale A fine flour ground from grains of rye grass, Secala cerealis.
farina maltata Food & Dairy Liset Nyland 
ostrica Edible body of any of numerous oysters KudoZ 
maionese al cerfoglio Food & Dairy Simo Blom 
spalla di vitello Food & Dairy Simo Blom 

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