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Dutch: Food & Dairy

Term/concept Contributor
slahart Food & Dairy Simo Blom 
glasnoedel Food & Dairy Simo Blom 
stemgember Food & Dairy Simo Blom 
meiknolletje Plant cultivated for its enlarged fleshy turnip-shaped edible stem KudoZ 
doorhaalmiddel Food & Dairy Susanne Roelands 
ongehard (vet) Food & Dairy writeaway 
zilte oesters Edible body of any of numerous oysters KudoZ 
A "proeverij" is an event where food or beverages (mostly wines) are tried in small amounts Food & Dairy
kervelmayonaise Food & Dairy Simo Blom 
kalfssucade Food & Dairy Simo Blom 
amaretto sabayon Sabayon flavoured with Amaretto liqueur. Simo Blom 
Spaanse peper Food & Dairy Simo Blom 
amarenakers Acid cherries used for pies and preserves KudoZ 
frisee salade Food & Dairy Simo Blom 
wrongeldoseersysteem Food & Dairy Judith Lang 
voedselalarm Food & Dairy xxxAnneke Panel 
eten en drinken Food & Dairy Adela Van Gils 
kruidnagelen Spice from dried unopened flower bud of the clove tree; used whole or grou KudoZ 
sereh Cooking / CulinaryFood & Dairy Bogdan Petrovic 
leerachtige huid Food & Dairy xxxAnneke Panel 

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