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German: Food & Dairy

Term/concept Contributor
feinsauer Food & Dairy Robin Salmon 
Obersgeschmack Food & Dairy Jeannie Graham 
Fettfreie TM Food & Dairy Jeannie Graham 
past Having been subjected to pasteurization in order to halt fermentation KudoZ 
Gemüsesoße(n) Food & Dairy Ettore Peyrot 
Gemüsesoßen Food & Dairy Ettore Peyrot 
Produktlosen Food & Dairy Ana Yáñez 
heat recovery unit Food & Dairy Stephen Sadie 
Rinderbraten Food & Dairy Brialex 
Flanule An invented term for a variety of potato flakes having physical properties Ingo Dierkschnieder 
guarkenmehl Food & Dairy Izaskun Uria 
Genussbonbon Food & Dairy Richard Benham 
gratiniert an Cooked while covered with browned breadcrumbs (and sometimes cheese) KudoZ 
Gratin Cooked while covered with browned breadcrumbs (and sometimes cheese)
Roggenmehl A fine flour ground from grains of rye grass, Secala cerealis.
Backmittel Food & Dairy Amy Billing 
Austern Edible body of any of numerous oysters Personal glossary 
sauer wie Essig/essigsauer Food & Dairy Milva 
Quarkdosiersystem Food & Dairy Judith Lang 
Gastro Food & Dairy Adela Van Gils 

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