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Generalists are approved on a language by language basis. The role of a generalist is to keep an overall watchfull eye on a particular language and perform such tasks as categorizing concepts, reviewing new and old Wikiwords data, and review items that have been flagged for attention.

*Note: The rights and abilities of this role are still being worked out.

Language-field specialist

Language-field specialists are approved on a language-field basis. They perform nearly the same tasks as a generalist, but center on their approved language and field.

*Note: The rights and abilities of this role are still being worked out.
Idioms / Maxims / Sayings: Özden Arıkan
Slang: Özden Arıkan

Computers (general): Selvakumar Jambulingam
Computers: Software: Selvakumar Jambulingam
Internet, e-Commerce: Selvakumar Jambulingam
IT (Information Technology): Selvakumar Jambulingam

Travel = Tourism: Irene Elmerot
Names (personal, company): Irene Elmerot
Trains = Transportation: Irene Elmerot
Linguistics: Irene Elmerot
Advertising / Public Relations: Irene Elmerot

Building = Construction: Tarjuman

Computers (general): Oana Muntean
Engineering (general): Oana Muntean
IT (Information Technology): Oana Muntean
Linguistics: Oana Muntean
Marketing / Market Research: Oana Muntean
Finance (general): Lucica Abil
Financial Markets = Finance: Lucica Abil
Law (general): Lucica Abil
Law: Contract(s): Lucica Abil
Business/Commerce (general): Lucica Abil

Archaeology: Limasalo
History: Limasalo

Chemistry; Chem Sci/Eng: Agnieszka Gordon Ph.D.
Medical (general): Agnieszka Gordon Ph.D.
Mathematics & Statistics: Agnieszka Gordon Ph.D.
Computers (general): Agnieszka Gordon Ph.D.
Business/Commerce (general): Maciej Andrzejczak
Financial Markets = Finance: Maciej Andrzejczak
Management: Maciej Andrzejczak
Marketing / Market Research: Maciej Andrzejczak
Sailing = Ships: Maciej Andrzejczak
Accounting: Magda Dziadosz
Audit = Finance: Magda Dziadosz
Fashion = Textiles: Magda Dziadosz

General / Conversation / Greetings / Letters: Nicholas Ferreira
History: Nicholas Ferreira
Idioms / Maxims / Sayings: Nicholas Ferreira
Poetry & Literature: Nicholas Ferreira
Religion: Nicholas Ferreira

Cooking / Culinary: xxxsilvia b , Rachel Fell
Food & Dairy: xxxsilvia b , Rachel Fell
Gastronomy = Cooking / Culinary: xxxsilvia b
Botany: Rachel Fell

Architecture: Robert Gulyas
Accounting: Eva Blanar
Audit = Finance: Eva Blanar
Banking = Finance: Eva Blanar
Business/Commerce (general): Eva Blanar
Economics: Eva Blanar

Greek (Ancient)
Religion: Nicholas Ferreira

Software = Computers: Software: Maya Gorgoshidze
Biology (-tech,-chem,micro-): Maya Gorgoshidze
Law: Patents, Trademarks, Copyright: Maya Gorgoshidze
Medical (general): Maya Gorgoshidze
Medical: Pharmaceuticals: Maya Gorgoshidze

Religion: Nicholas Ferreira
Textiles / Clothing / Fashion: Claire Chapman

Religion: Nicholas Ferreira , Bonita Mc Donald
Medical: Pharmaceuticals: alvarom
Medical (general): alvarom , paula13
Biology (-tech,-chem,micro-): alvarom
Food & Dairy: Niamh Lynch
Cooking / Culinary: Niamh Lynch
Gastronomy = Cooking / Culinary: Niamh Lynch
Engineering: Electrical = Electronics: Enrique Cavalitto
Rubber = Materials: Yvonne Becker
Plastic = Materials: Yvonne Becker
Zoology: Julio Torres
Chemistry; Chem Sci/Eng: Julio Torres
Machinery & Tools = Mechanical: Julio Torres
Poetry & Literature: Bonita Mc Donald
General / Conversation / Greetings / Letters: Bonita Mc Donald
Insurance: Bonita Mc Donald
Journalism: Bonita Mc Donald
Law: Contract(s): Bonita Mc Donald

Computers (general): Martin Cassell
Computers: Software: Martin Cassell
Internet, e-Commerce: Martin Cassell
IT (Information Technology): Martin Cassell
Music: Martin Cassell , Colin Brady
Poetry & Literature: Nicholas Ferreira
Religion: Nicholas Ferreira
Genealogy: xxxmediamatrix
Finance (general): John Di Rico , Martin Wiesheu
Textiles / Clothing / Fashion: Claire Chapman
Advertising / Public Relations: Martin Wiesheu
Business/Commerce (general): Martin Wiesheu
Economics: Martin Wiesheu
Linguistics: Martin Wiesheu
International Org/Dev/Coop: Yolanda Broad

Sports / Fitness / Recreation: Alexandra Collins

Computers: Software: soeren_b
IT (Information Technology): soeren_b
Software = Computers: Software: soeren_b

Accounting: ivaylo
Business/Commerce (general): ivaylo
Certificates, Diplomas, Licenses, CVs: ivaylo
Communications = Telecommunications: ivaylo
Computers (general): ivaylo
Computers: Hardware: ivaylo
Computers: Software: ivaylo
Computers: Systems, Networks: ivaylo
Contracts = Law: Contract: ivaylo
DVDs = Media: ivaylo
Engineering (general): ivaylo
Environment & Ecology: ivaylo
Finance (general): ivaylo
General / Conversation / Greetings / Letters: ivaylo
Government / Politics: ivaylo
IT (Information Technology): ivaylo
Law (general): ivaylo
Law: Contract(s): ivaylo
Law: Patents, Trademarks, Copyright: ivaylo
Linguistics: ivaylo
Mechanics / Mech Engineering: ivaylo
Media / Multimedia: ivaylo
Medical (general): ivaylo
Medical: Instruments: ivaylo
Medical: Pharmaceuticals: ivaylo
Multimedia = Media: ivaylo
Networking = Computers: Networking: ivaylo
Patents = Law: Patents: ivaylo
Pharmaceuticals = Med: Pharma: ivaylo
Politics = Government: ivaylo
Printing & Publishing: ivaylo
Real Estate: ivaylo
SAP: ivaylo
Software = Computers: Software: ivaylo
Symbols / Abbreviations / Acronyms = General: ivaylo
Telecom(munications): ivaylo

Accounting: moutarjim05
Communications = Telecommunications: moutarjim05
Computers: Systems, Networks: moutarjim05
Education / Pedagogy: moutarjim05
IT (Information Technology): moutarjim05

Medical: Health Care: Sanja Mihailovic
Advertising / Public Relations: Sanja Mihailovic
Business/Commerce (general): Sanja Mihailovic
Communications = Telecommunications: Sanja Mihailovic
Computers (general): Sanja Mihailovic

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