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cataract  Wordnet 
Clouding of the natural lens of the eye  Wordnet 
An eye disease in which the crystalline lens or its capsule becomes opaque causing partial or complete blindness.  aburiaz (src: Webster) 

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Motia   1 validation, سفید موتیا ، موتیا بند   1 validation  aburiaz , motia
motia is urdu word for cattaract and glaucoma. safed(white) motia is called cattaract and kala(black) motia is called glaucoma.
"Arshad ko motiay ki waja se dhundhla nazar ata hai. Arshad cannot see clearly due to cattaract/glaucome."

cataracta   1 validation  Vasile Ros 
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????????   1 validation  Henrik Pipoyan 
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白内障   1 validation  seika 
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катаракта   1 validation  Russ 
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مَاءْ زرقاءْ.   1 validation  A Nabil Bouitieh 
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